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Write an effective resume that can get you an interview request in 3 steps.

How do you make sure you get a chance for an interview?

Simple, write a fantastic, effective resume.

Easily said than done yes, but if you know how to write one then you may already have one foot in the door.

If you want to get that interview appointment, follow these three steps:

Step 1:

Recognize that a resume is your marketing tool.

Then realize that the product or service that you are trying to sell is no other than YOU.

In marketing, it is important to know both the brand and the market. When writing an effective resume, you are the brand. So ask yourself what is it that you can offer? What makes you stand apart from the other candidates for the job? What are your skills, qualifications, experiences and maybe even values that you have?

Next, know your market. This will be the industry you are in, the company, customers and other stakeholders. Once you know them, think about how you can fit yourself in. Ask yourself the following questions:

How can you become a valuable employee?

What will make you a company asset? Are you hard working and reliable? Are you open-minded and creative?

Think about the things about you that matches with what the company is looking for.

It will help to kind of create a mental image of the You brand that you want to put across. Write those ideas down for the next step.

Step 2:

Now that you have a clear idea of your brand and the market, it is time to write your resume.

Keep in mind that recruiters and managers are very busy people. Studies show that a recruiter only scans a resume for 25 seconds and decides if it goes through the next stage or to the trash bin.

25 seconds is short. However, if you think about it as a video clip commercial in Youtube or other media, 25 seconds can be long enough. When done well, it can even give a lasting impression.

To ensure you get the recruiter’s attention, make sure to write a career summary under your name and contact details. In your career summary include:

who you are,

what you do,

and how you can be the solution to the company’s problems

Remember that this part is a summary so be concise.

Also, make sure to highlight your accomplishments in each job experience you write in the resume (even if they are OJT or unrelated to the position). Putting numbers in makes it a more effective resume. Avoid vague descriptions and jargons as much as possible

Step 3:

The format of your resume is important as well. Your resume should be easy to read so set your Word processor to normal margins. Also, set the spacing big enough to balance white spaces with print. No need for fancy fonts, use readable font types and size.

Make sure to write details about you in a logical and chronological manner. Your recent experiences and qualifications should always come first (example your experience as a tutor in 2015 should be above the experience you had in 2013).

Ideally, an effective resume should not exceed 2 pages.

There may be instances when resumes with more than two pages are acceptable. Just remember that your reader’s attention is only up to 25 seconds. If you have more to write, decide if those are necessary or maybe it is something you can discuss during the interview instead. If you really think it is important, then go ahead and include them.

After typing everything you need you are almost ready to send it to the company you have in mind. BUT before you hit the apply button, make sure to read your resume and double check for grammar and spelling errors. Also, check if you wrote your contact details correctly.

Now that you have a well written, effective resume, you have a higher chance of getting an interview invitation. Good luck!


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