Job Interview: How to Get Good First Impressions

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Good first impression tips to help you for your interview. 

As they say, first impressions (usually) last.

It is during an interview that company representatives will see you for the first time. So, it is important that you give a good first impression.

One way to give a good, lasting first impression is to look your best. It may sound superficial but they will want to hire someone who looks better fit for the job.

Studies show that recruiters tend to hire people who look more professional over those who look unprepared.

So how can you look the part?

Your Professional Attire


Your clothes play a big part in making that professional look.  The safest look would be a pair of slacks paired with a polo shirt or a blouse. Stick with basic colors like black, brown, navy and white. You can add a punch of color using minimal accessories but make sure it won’t distract the interviewer from what you have to say during the interview.

Also, consider the industry or company you are applying to for for your choice of clothes. Banks and other big companies would usually stick to business attire. On the other hand, those applying as a game developer or other artistic careers may dress a bit more casually (but please do not wear worn out jeans – even if they are trendy). If you are applying as a teacher, you probably do not need to wear business attire. Although, most schools are usually conservative so dress accordingly and get the right first impresion.

Follow the dress code your industry dictates. You may add a bit of your personality in your outfit but remember to make it look professional and pulled together. Also, remember to iron your clothes. Seriously, it makes a ton of difference.


To have a good first impression, you need to complement your clothes with your shoes. Always choose clean, comfortable and appropriate shoes for any occasion, especially for interviews.

For men, a black or brown pair of leather (or leather like) shoes would usually be enough. Just make sure it goes well with your clothes and do wear black dress socks.

Women have more choices but a low heeled pair of black pumps is usually the safest choice. You may consider wearing brown, nude or navy colored flats if it goes well with your outfit. Also, as long as your industry permits.

As much as possible do not wear sandals, slippers or sneakers and the likes to an interview. You are applying for work not for a holiday.

Remember to wear clean shoes. It can add to your overall confidence and it tells the recruiter that you are a serious professional.


Men and women should carry a bag to an interview to complete a polished look. Besides, you will need a good bag to keep your beautifully written resume in. Put your resume in a sturdy folder inside the bag to make sure you can provide the recruiter a presentable resume on the day of the interview.

For the ladies, carefully choose a bag that communicates professional. Steer away from those that scream “party.” You can use those next time, but not for the interview. A simple, medium sized, black handbag or shoulder bag usually goes well with most outfits.

Men can simply carry a business bag or a sturdy messenger bag for your important documents. This lets you give the company a good first impression of how professional you are. Plus, it can give an extra boost of confidence.

Do not forget to carry with you a reliable black pen. You need this to fill in information sheets and may be to sign your very first job offer.

Groomed to Perfection


For an unforgettably good first impression, make sure you washed and styled your hair properly for the interview. Remember, the look should be professional. For women, it is best to keep your hair away from your face and use simple accessories.

Make up

If you wear makeup, make sure you do not look like you are going to the club or on a date. Keep your makeup clean and natural looking, you might want to try the no makeup makeup look.

The keyword is still to look professional so it is important that you are not sweaty or oily in the face.


You can wear perfume or cologne to the interview but make sure the smell is not too strong. You do not want that kind of first impression. Surely, you want the recruiter to remember how amazing your answers were and not how strong your perfume was, right?

Extra points for clean and trimmed nails, ironed hanky and of course fresh breath so make sure you are well groomed as soon as you enter the interview room.


Companies look for competent and talented individuals who have the skills and the right attitude for the job available. Physical appearance should not be the only criteria companies look at in hiring a person (if you are in such companies, steer away unless you are applying as a model and the likes).  Still, good first impressions are important and looking your professional best can help you a long way.

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