Tips in applying for online home-based jobs in the Philippines

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Online Home-based jobs in the Philippines

Coming from a 5 year experience working in different call centers, I realized that I wanted to avoid the traffic, preparation time and the extra expenses outside. These realizations started my hunt for home-based online jobs.

I’ve been working home-based for almost 2 years now and I never looked back in going outside to apply.

Here are some tips that I will share for people who aspire to get a home-based online position.

  • First and foremost, you need to ask yourself if you really want to do this.

Working at home sounds fun and practical but you need to consider a lot of things before you make a decision. You would be losing a lot of things like;


– SSS, PagIbig and Philhealth benefits

– 13th month bonus

– Night differential

– etc.

Of course you might still find some home-based jobs that offer  these benefits but believe me they are very rare. There are a lot of ways for you to make this work considering the things that you will lose but again, you should consider everything first before you start. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources then eventually go back outside because you can’t afford to lose these things. Just make a plan first.

  • Join Facebook groups about home-based jobs.

There’s a lot of groups out there on Facebook where you can join. You can also be specific on what to search for depending on your skill or the job that you want to do.You may search something like: virtual assistants in the Philippines or freelance writers, etc. You would see a number of groups and normally I choose the groups with a lot of followers or members.  They’re the ones who’s mostly active. In these groups, you will find people looking to hire. All you need to do is check the requirements and follow the instructions.

  • Check if you have the necessary requirements to work at home.

Another good thing about joining Facebook groups is you can see what are the requirements needed. I am pertaining to the technical requirements like your PC specs, Internet speed, headset and camera. You can also add having a quiet workstation in the list.

Make sure that you have all the requirements needed before you apply. You can’t just make these things up. They will know.

I’ve had a client before who shared my screen via skype and wanted to see if my PC specs and Internet speed are working properly. He said he had some issues before with his remote agents who were using signal based connection instead of his required DSL or wired connection.

Just make sure you have the necessary requirements or at least be honest on your interview and advise that you can upgrade before you start working.

  • Think twice before applying to jobs that ask for fees.

I do not apply on jobs where I need to pay. I mean, why would we? We can get a job without paying anything. I feel like someone is taking advantage of me just because I am looking for a job. Why would those people bother posting and recruit other people if they already have a good position. I mean, isn’t the salary enough to cover what they need without doing these extra work of recruitment? Or are they just relying on the number of people they can recruit for them to earn properly?

Again, these are just my personal views and I may be wrong.

  • Apply to job posts with complete details.

Based on my experience, it is always better to apply on job posts that have complete details on it. Job requirements, job responsibility, technical requirements, how to apply, and in some cases they actually put how much the salary is.

This just shows what type of company or client you are dealing with and what to expect.Normally they are the ones who are stable.

I don’t understand why you have to type, “CASH”, “HOW”, “I NEED A JOB” on the comments section just to get the information. Why can’t they just put the information and let the people decide if they want to apply or not. Anyway, if it’s really that good, it’s going to be their loss anyway, right?

Based on my experience, most of the ads like these are just referral programs for that person and wants to earn from your application. They could do better if they put the information on the ad immediately. Isn’t it more practical for them to put those information instead of answering individual queries? For me it’s like they are hiding something or there’s a catch that they don’t want you to know that’s why it’s like that. I understand it’s a form of strategy to get people asking, but personally it doesn’t really work for most applicants.

  • Open a Paypal and a Payoneer account.

These two are the most common way for clients to pay their employees. You can easily sign up for a free account on both.

  • Avoid low paying gigs.

I personally avoid jobs that pay too little. Captcha writing, clicking ads, answering surveys are not really my thing. People can actually earn from those but based on my experience doing captcha, it’s not really worth the time and effort. I was doing 1000 captcha puzzles for $1 or sometimes even less and it took me about 2-3 hours just to get those numbers.

The goal here is to get a stable job with a good pay.

  • Register on Online Job portals for home-based jobs.

Sites like upwork, outsourcely and can really assist you. I’ve already had clients who contacted me from those sites without me applying for their post. Make sure that the profile you make would highlight your strengths and skills needed for the position.

  • Be prepared to answer “Why do you want to work at home?”

In almost all of my interviews, this question never fails to come up. Everyone has their personal reasons. I normally say that I want to spend more time with my family. Avoid the long preparation, commute time and also the salary that I get is almost the same or even more compared to working outside.

  • Upskill by learning from online resources.

I’ve never really got to try this but my wife did. Coming from the education industry, she was never really comfortable taking calls and started out as a home-based article writer. She looked for ways to upskill and found FREE resources online. It is where she got a certification to qualify in becoming a social media manager. These are just short courses online and you get certificates after completing each course.

Sites like Hubspot and Udemy offers ALOT of resources.  There are also lots of paid courses online and I would suggest to try free resources for the meantime.

Working at home has been very rewarding for me. There’s a lot of people who tried but realized that this industry is not for them. Try to assess yourself and your needs before you make a decision to enter this growing industry.

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