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Are you good at capturing the right moment with your lense?

There’s a growing number of photography enthusiasts here in the Philippines. Filipino photography hobbyists and professionals may earn from their skills by selling stock photos online.

There are several reasons why you should consider selling your stock photos:


Earning money

Whether as a hobby or as a profession, earn some money from your stock photos by selling them to different websites. It is really easy to turn your passion into an income, all you need to do is upload them and wait for people to buy them – and you don’t even need to spend a cent to most of the sites listed below.


Practicing skill

Submitting your work online means the websites you submit your photos to will scrutinize your work before getting approval to upload photos. After getting permission from them, the online users will now be the judge of your work. This can be a motivation to improve your craft and it can also motivate you to look for and shoot more subjects that clients may find useful.


Gaining recognition

Sharing your stock photos with the world wide web can also gain you a name as a photographer. Aside from seeing your name as the owner of the photo, there are some websites that actually call for photographers to submit their photos in a contest.


Helping out

In this era, images are important in every content created. Even a very well-written article will get more audience when paired with an eye-catching image.

Selling your stock photos is easy. There are several websites that sells photographs, all you have to do is choose one that suits you best.


Here is a list of the top websites to sell your photos:


Exposure and Popularity

If you want your images to be up there, you might want to sell them through the more famous stock photo sites:

Dreamstime is one of the most used microstock sites. In fact, if you randomly search an image online, several of the images will come from Dreamstime.

As soon as the site’s editors give you a go signal to sell your images, you will receive 20%-50% royalty plus 10% if you agree to make the image exclusively for Dreamstime only. Also, if you decide sign an exclusivity contract, you will get 60% royalties on all your images.

Fotolia is another reputable site with 4 million buyers online. Fotolia’s integration with Adobe’s software packages means that your photo will also end up in Adobe Stock which can be accessed and bought by people using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Photographers who trust Fotolia’s 10 years in the business can get 20%-46% on royalties.

Shutterstock is another familiar name in this field. You can earn 30% of the sale or around $0.25 to $28 every time your image is sold. In addition, you get to keep the copyright of your work.

123RF has 45 million files. Photographer earnings depend on how many images have been uploaded as contributor.  Those with less than 250 contribution earn 30% or $0.216 per download while those with more than 1 million uploaded images get 60% or $0.432 per download.



New to this gig and not sure whether you are doing it right? Then maybe it would help to join one with the best community support so far.

iStock is popular for newbies who gain from the forums and resources available in iStock. Each download earns you only 15% but your rate can increase up to 45%. AN exclusivity contract can give you 22% to 45% in royalties.


Fair Share

If you are concerned about having a fair share with the payment then consider the following sites:

Alamy gives you 50% royalty, which is one of the biggest share so far.  Plus, they are non-exclusive so you are allowed to sell your photos to other sites. As long as you do not sign an exclusive contract with another site then you can have your photo present in at least 2 stock sites giving your photo more views and more chances of being sold.

Can Stock Photo also offers 50% royalty fee. As soon as you are approved by the editors, you can upload as many photos as you want without worrying about categorizing your images. This is because metadata and keyword data are automatically read by their system making uploads in this site easy breezy.


Personal Touch

Photographers who want to create their own portfolio and sell their images without it sitting side by side with works of other photographers then you may be interested in:

SmugMug the Pro version of this site allows photographers to showcase their work, customize their store and manage sales. SmugMug lets users use SmugMug Lab which lets your images be printed as books, greeting cards and prints. Coupons and photo packages may be created as well. Sales from these may earn you up to 85% of the total revenue.


Other notable sites

Other sites that photographers might want to consider

PhotoMoolah is quite different than the others in this list. Contributors can actually earn $100 to $200 or sometimes $500 prize.

PhotoMoolah runs photo contests with varied themes like “Images of people doing outdoor fitness activities” for $100 prize or “Capture the beauty of Paris” for $200. Winners do not only get the prize money, they also retain the right to the image (unless otherwise specified in the final license agreement).

This site is not yet as well-known as others on this list, but this actually means there is less competition for photographers who wish to join.

FineArtAmerica is similar to SmugMug as it also allows you to sell your image as print on canvass, poster, greeting cards, and as framed, metal and acrylic prints. You can handle the printing or have FineArtAmerica handle it for you.

Snapped4U is for events photographers. The site will take care of order processing, printing and postage for a fraction of a cost (for every photo less than $5) to 10% commission fee (for photos worth more than$5).


Turn passion and talent into a great source of income by showcasing and selling them online. There is a perfect photography website just right for your preference

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