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Start blogging now!

Blogs found its way in the big space called the world wide web as something that individuals personally do for themselves, like a very public diary. But that was before, now almost every website has a blog page. This is the part in the website that is more human – it includes stories, news relevant to consumers, how-to’s, lists and many more.

These days, a blog is beneficial for personal, professional and business use.

Here are the top five reasons why you should blog:

Earn Money

Blogging can earn you money if you know how. There are a lot of  bloggers out there who started to blog as a hobby and are now able to leave their day jobs because the money they earn with their blog is more than enough for their family. However, of course, keeping up an earning blog is also a full time job.

Find Your Brand

Blogging is writing. To be able to write clearly, you need to be sure of what you want to write about (niche), who your intended audience are, and what and how exactly you want to tell them. This process needs a lot of retrospection on your part and it is a good personal exercise to find out who you are as a person as well.

Coincidentally,by being clear about these things, for writing’s sake you do not only get to know more about yourself, you also get to fine tune your own brand.Your brand is your persona – the persona of yourself that you put forward in your blog. Having a clear brand sets you apart from the million other blogs out there.

Remember, only when you are clear about what you want to write, your audience, and what and how you want to say it, can you create your brand persona.

Marketing tool

For businesses, a blog is a marketing tool.

Blogs have the ability to become personal and thus reach out to the clients better. Well-planned and well-written articles can invite clients, encourage them to become customers, become loyal consumers and may even be your brand’s ambassadors.

Write your blogs well to get good google ranking and promote them in different social media sites. This will get you more visitors to your website who may be interested with your product and/or service.

Your blog reflects who you are. Whether you are blogging for personal, professional or business reasons your blog is like a resume which showcases not only your talent with words but also how you organize ideas, how well you do research, how well you know trends and analyze your business’ environment and what opinions you stand up for.

Widen your network

When you blog well, you are bound to be found by other professionals in your line of expertise.

When you blog, mention big names in your industry, cite only reliable sources and make sure to follow other bloggers. Blogging is not a solitary thing, the more you expand your network, the more you learn about your business. You may be able to join a group with the same interest and at the same time establish your authority.

Establishing your authority in the business is your goal. By being the authority, you gain the trust of your clients.

Makes life more exciting

Your blog may be for your professional or business purpose but it is still writing.

Writing about things by researching is good but it is better if it was written out of experience. Blogs written with a more personal approach can reach to the audience better. Once you seriously start a blog you tend to look out for meaningful experiences to share. You become more observant about what your clients may need and what else you may offer.

Blogs have certainly evolved from a random personal rambling to a more directed form of communication.

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