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Writing job sites for Filipinos

Are you a person who is most comfortable in committing your thoughts, ideas and feelings to writing?

Whether you are a creative or technical writer, an essay or article writer, or a researcher, the online world has a gig or two for you.

You can make money from your passion and talent by joining one (or more) of these sites:


Essays.ph is a Filipino owned company based in Makati that started in 2007.  According to their Facebook page, they already have more than 80,000 contributing writers all working from home. If you want to join these writers, go to their website and sign up. You need to create an account with them, look for and grab any of the writing tasks you are interested in. All you need to do next is to research, write and submit. Your earnings depend on how much the writing assignment was being offered.


If you are more of a research and academic writer, try writers.ph. They claim to be one of the “leading research company in the international market based in the Philippines.” They also encourage creative and technical writers and those with experience in journalism. Aside from papers, other tasks like PowerPoint presentation, editing and proofreading are available for their freelance members.

Monthly payment for quality writers may be around $700- $800.  To become a member, sign up and pass their grammar test. You need to wait for the site’s HR to contact you after 2-3 weeks before you can start getting writing gigs.


WriterBay boasts itself as having the “biggest selection of writing jobs.” One problem I personally encountered in one of the freelance writing sites before was the lack of variety in the writing articles available. WriterBay, on the other hand, seem to have more variety in terms of academic fields or expertise to choose from.

Quality writers may also be promoted as a Pro Light writer and get an additional 15% for every order. Working for the WriterBay for a long time may gain you a Pro Writer status which entitles you to an additional 25% per successful project.

If you wish to join WriterBay, you need to pass a grammar and formatting test after registration. Prepare your diploma and transcript because you need to upload them together with an essay sample (topic will be given). Wait for at least 2 business weeks for the result of your application.


WritersLab also offers writing opportunities for different professionals with a variety of writing disciplines.

As a writer whose native language is not English, project prices start from $6 to $15. Bonuses of 2%-4% a month may be rewarded for quality writers.

To apply as a writer, register and upload scanned copies of your ID and diploma. You are then required to take three tests: Grammar, Citation Styles and Professional Essay Writing. You’ll find out the result of your application in 4-6 days.


Founded in 2013, UvoCorp is a freelance academic writing agency. They can cater to writers of different expertise as well. Filipino writers may expect $5-$15 per page. Bonus up to 7.5% every month is possible for those who consistently submit quality work.

Those wishing to join UvoCorp can register and submit sample essays together with a photo of you holding an ID. Result of your application will be available in 4-6 days.

There are several ways for writers to earn online. These are websites that offer jobs to freelance writers. You can also find freelance writing gigs from sites like Upwork and Fiverr but they are not solely for writers (we’ll have another list for these types of freelance jobsites soon).

There are also websites like listverse that accept contributors to write for their site and if they like what you wrote you get paid for it. Listverse is willing to pay $100 for every amazing listicle. We’ll have more of these kinds of sites on another article).

And lastly, there are sites that allow you to create your own account and fill it with content of your heart’s desire. Your earnings will come only if your articles are visited a certain amount of times for a month or so.


Gone are the days when writers go broke. Writing can be your bread and butter if you know where to get the right gig. You can have the freedom to choose which topics to write, when and where to write them. Truly now, in this day and age, a writer’s wand is his pen and he can write his own success story.

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