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Do you have a skill you can offer to do for someone for $5 online?

Then you might just be a five-rr.

If you are willing to sell your service or product for $5 a pop then join It is an online marketplace created for both buyers and sellers where everything starts at $5. Before you start computing your earnings vs your time spent on a product or service, get to know how this online marketplace works.

So how does it work?

Freelancers looking for extra sources of income are called sellers. When you sign up at Fiverr, you can already start selling your services to the millions of Fiverr buyers.

First, you need to sign up with Fiverr.

Before you can earn, you need to start a gig. A gig is the service that you offer to do for the buyers – it can be anything like writing a 500 word article, creating and/or singing a jingle, editing a video – whatever skill and talent you have. Again, each gig starts at $5.

The good thing about the site is you’re not limited to offer gigs based on your degree or skill. You can write articles while offering other gigs like singing a happy birthday song to someone or creating a jingle for a company. You can have a gig were you fix websites and also have a gig for photoshop editing. The more gigs or service that you can offer, the better chance of getting more clients of course. With more clients, you get more earnings.

If you want to earn more, you can have add-ons on your gig called gig extras that can earn you up to $100  per order. Of course, when you are a newbie, it may be better to offer your services at the minimum price. This way, you can test whether or not you can do your gigs well.


My main gig is to write a 500 word article for just $5

My gig extra would be

Add 500 more words to the article for an additional $5

If someone would purchase my main gig and get the gig extra, I can earn $10.

 Buyer reviews are important to establish your Fiverr business so make sure to submit quality work on time, all the time.

Fiverr is different from other freelance websites because here, buyers can take a look at all seller gigs, pick one and order. There is no need for negotiation and bidding.

 How much can you earn per day?

Depending on your type of service, quality of work, turn-around time (delivery time) and of course your reputation you can charge up to $100 per gig.  If you can deliver that service twice a day then you earn $200 in a day.Let us say you consistently receive that much every day for a month – Mondays to Fridays – then you can get $4000.

Even if you choose to have a steady $5 gig, you can still earn a decent amount. Let us say you can do at least 4 gigs a day for 20 days, then you will earn $400 – not bad for a freelancer, right.

How to get my money?

Payment will be directed to your PayPal account or your Fiverr Revenue Card.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, read the tutorial here or go to their website.

Can Filipinos join Fiverr?


As long as you have something to offer and a good internet connection, you can sign up with Fiverr.

There are a lot of Filipinos who are already top sellers in Fiverr because their work is always of good quality. If you are planning to join Fiverr, always work well not only for your reputation but also to keep Filipino’s quality work rep on Fiverr (and other freelance job sites) solid.

Some gigs that Filipinos offer are:

  • Graphics Design can be anything from business cards to logos, illustrations for comic books and t-shirt designs, book covers, flyers and posters. This also includes digital designs for websites, social media and even presentations and info graphics. Skills in Photoshop, captivate and the likes are needed for this gig – and of course an eye for design and talent for creating images.
  • Writing, Translation and Transcription gigs are popular among Filipino fivers.This may be because most Filipinos are known to be good in English. This is why Filipinos can score orders for writing and translating gigs. Writing gigs for Filipinos are usually for translation, transcription, article writing, proofreading and editing. Although I am sure there are more writing gigs out there that we can offer.
  • Video and Animation gigs are also found and sold here on Fiverr including video creation and editing, creating animation and music videos as well.
  • Music and Audio related services can be your gig. There are several people who earn $5 just to record a birthday song or a greeting. You can also lend your voice to cartoon characters or even audio books. If you are more technical and you have the right equipment, then consider offering mix and mastering services as well.
  • Programming and Tech gigs are also in demand. With everything going online these days, help those who need to have online presence go live in a few hours by setting their WordPress account or help set up their own website and CMS. Or maybe you can be an app developer or tester or an IT support. You may even offer services to simply convert files.
  • Business related task may also be something you can offer on Fiverr. You can become a business, legal or financial consultant or offer market research, branding services or create business plans. Even virtual assistants can find a gig here.
  • Advertising can be your thing if you can think of out-of-the-box ways to sell someone else’s product or service. If you can think of creative and effective ways to promote and sell other’s music, product or even a website? Then offer it as a gig. You may also volunteer yourself or even include your friends to be human billboards or even your pet as a model for pet food and other services.
  • Digital Marketing is hot these days. Gigs for those who know how to do social media marketing, increase website traffic or SEO are becoming popular. If you have knowledge and skills for this area, go ahead and offer your services. People are increasingly looking for digital marketing rock stars who can help boost their online ranking.

It is almost impossible not to be able to create a gig. You can do something as serious as promoting a brand or a business in social media or tutor a student for Physics and Chemistry. It can be as wacky as an offer to send a birthday video greeting ala Tarzan. You can offer to read tarots or deliver a special edition of a playing card (you can sell physical products but Fiverr will not be responsible for any shipping related concerns) to the buyer’s address.

Really, your imagination is the limit, so think of different services and products that you can offer online.

Of course, remember to only offer gigs that you can deliver, price it appropriately and enjoy doing it.


Good luck!

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